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Our Publishing Services

Our network of suppliers enables us to publish any kind of book.  Many, but not all of our authors, are cookbook authors.  Cookbook authors take advantage of the software automation we provide, since cookbooks are the most difficult type of manuscript to produce.  Books in other genres are easily produced in standard word processors and can be fed into our publishing network for print and distribution.   Explore the resources provided on this site or contact us for a consultation about your project.

Personalized Consultation for Authors
We offer publishing consultation by phone as a courtesy to our clients. These sessions are designed to help our authors plan and complete their book projects on time and on budget. This is the best way to optimize your book project for cost and distribution.  Contact us to request a consultation.

Book Cover Design Services
Professional book publishing requires professionally designed cover artwork to meet printing and distribution specifications. Our cover design services that are very competitively priced and delivered by professional designers.  Each design is customized for you.  We can include personal photos or illlustrations or suggest stock photography.  Your cover will be unique to your project.

Book Distribution Services
If you plan to make your book available for retail sale you will need distribution services.  We register your title with the U.S. Library of Congress and book industry wholesalers, retailers and distributors, including Amazon.  These services vary widely depending on your title's book size, binding and page count.  Retail books include an ISBN number, a Bookland-EAN barcode, a Library of Congress number, title listing in Bowker's Books in Print database and other distribution listings depending on the project.  We recommend you consult with us before designing your book to optimize your choices.

Author Royalty Management
Author royalties are paid on books sold through distribution and since our publishing model is author friendly, royalties are 8 times higher than traditional book publishing.