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Author Inc. has been delivering author-friendly publishing solutions since 1996 and we have been publishing books for retail sale in book stores since 2006.  We have won national acclaim for our publishing software and services and enjoy a large, loyal following of customers.

Advances in software development and book publishing allow us to offer affordable software and publishing services to authors seeking to self-publish.  Self-publishing has unique advantages, including higher profitability on book sales.  For example, our royalty payments are 8 times higher than traditional publishing. Authors control of all aspects of book design and development, pricing, distribution and promotion. And, authors retain the rights to their work.   

With on-demand order fulfillment, large upfont investments in printing are unnecessary, freeing authors to focus on book promotion.  Books can be ordered in small quantities and in most cases one at a time.  All printed books are commercial, library-quality books and, authors seeking book distribution, can be distributed through Amazon, Ingram and other recognized distribution channels.