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Tracy and I wandered into our local Whole Foods last Sunday just in time for “Parmageddon”.  Apparently Whole Foods set the world record in 2008 for cracking 300 Parmesan Cheese Wheels simultaneously.  They have upped the ante each year and held the title until last year when a Canadian grocery company cracked open 378 wheels of Parmesan.

Since we are regular customers, Tracy and I were asked to bear witness to the heroic attempt to return the title to Whole Foods. We were honored. Whole Foods was cracking more than 400 cheese wheels simultaneously at precisely 3 pm EST on Sunday in stores in the US, Canada, and the UK. The spectacle of Whole Foods cheese mongers using five different authentic knives to crack open these 82 pound behemoths was incredible.  They say that these centuries old techniques are the best method to ensure that the cheese’s internal crystalline structure and crumbly texture are preserved.

After the event we signed a statement that we had indeed witnessed the wheel being cracked.  I don’t know what the record time for cracking one of these beauties is, but Drew, our cheese monger, completed the task in one minute, five seconds.  As a reward for our participation, Tracy and I were given more than a pound of the fresh Parmesan. 

What a treat! Do you have a good parmesan recipe to share?

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