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Recipe for Success

Many cooks would like to write a cookbook but we don’t know how to get started, don’t know how much effort is involved and don’t know how much it will cost.  Here is what is involved.

The major effort in writing a cookbook is getting all of the recipes entered, placed in the cookbook in the right location and making a cross-referenced index.  The Cooks Palate makes it simple.  You enter your recipes without regard to where they go in the cookbook.  Once you have entered the recipes, you enter chapter names such as,  appetizers, soups, etc. and click to copy recipes into those chapters, where they are automatically indexed.  For planning purposes, entering a recipe takes 10-15 minutes.  So a 100 recipe cookbook would take about 25 hours or less of data entry depending on your comfort and speed in typing.

Once recipes are in The Cooks Palate software, you can import them into The Publisher to design the manuscript.  It is a very simple process.  The Publisher leads you through a series of steps with a wizard.  It asks you what size the book will be, what kind of binding you desire and the manuscript is automatically created for you.  You are asked what pages to include, such as foreword, acknowledgement, etc.  These pages are placed in your book where you edit them for content.  You can easily insert images on any page.  You can include stories or other content.  A cross referenced index is automatically created, and you can index your recipes several ways.  You can also edit the recipes globally to ensure that you get the font type and size that you prefer.  We offer cover design services for your book, or you can submit your own file. You will end up with a professional manuscript, suitable for printing and resale in bookstores if that is your goal.

After the cookbook is complete, you choose what types of book to actually print by either printing a single style or mixing and matching several combinations.  You can print hard cover, color, coffee table books for the family and soft cover B x W cookbooks to be sold on Amazon and in bookstores.  The main cover choices are hard cover, soft cover and case laminate.  You choose which binding would be best for the book (many prefer wire coil).  Finally, will the book text be black and white, color, or some mix of color with black & white?  Since there are no additional costs for mixing and matching styles, you can print as many variations of the cookbook as you wish.

You can get an estimate the cost of printing your book on our online calculator. If you would like to discuss your project you can reach us at 1-888-238-8377.

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