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Ever Heard of Fruitarianism?

I read an article in last week about a couple from New York City in a series called “What’s Your Workout”.  Along with the discussion of their workout routine it described their diet, and they are fruitarians.  I had never heard of fruitarians, so I did a little research online. 

Fruitarians believe that you should only eat what a plant gives willingly.  So a grape or an orange is ok but pulling a carrot from the ground to eat it is killing the vegetable.   It turns out fruitarians have been around a loooonnnggg time.  The first fruitarians….. Adam and Eve.  “Behold I have given you herb yielding seed.  To you it shall be for meat; Genesis 1:29.”

In the articles I read, there is a common theme.  If you stick with the diet long enough, it could kill you.  August Englehardt, a rich German, tried to start a fruitarian cult in New Guinea around the 1900’s.  Almost everyone who stayed with him died.  He lived to 43 and died from malnutrition.  There have been many famous fruitarians over the years, including Leonardo DaVinci, Mahatma Gandhi, Dick Gregory (who wrote a Fruitarian cookbook), Pete Maravich, and of course, Idi Amin, to name a few.

You are probably familiar with the saga of one our recently deceased fruitarians, Apple founder Steve Jobs.  The reason he delayed surgical treatment for his pancreatic cancer was because his fruitarian guru told him his diet would cure him.

The couple I read about have a baby that they are trying to raise from birth as a fruitarian.  So far, he is still on 50% breast milk and 50% fruitarian diet.  Everything I read suggests this is a really bad idea.  For example, to get the equivalent of the recommended daily protein for a 110 pound woman, you could eat 1 container of Greek yogurt, 4 ounces of chicken and 1 ounce of tofu.  The fruitarian would need 100 apples or 31 bananas or 33 oranges to achieve teh equivalent.  You get the idea.  Some have tried to raise children as fruitarians and have had their children removed by Social Services. 

The main motivation for becoming a fruitarian appears to be spiritual.  They want to return to the original diet of Adam and Eve or they want to avoid killing plants.  Just writing this blog makes me want go eat a steak and fries.  What do you think about fruitarianism?


During asparagus season, "Members are requested not to relieve themselves in the hat stand" - Reputed British Mens Club Sign

Some years ago I attended the annual IACP conference in Dallas, Texas.  There were many interesting and informative venues presented, but the one I found most fascinating was a panel discussion that was promoted to represent many culinary science topics, but ended up being dominated by a strange phenomenon amusingly called "asparagus pee."  It started with the first question to the panel from the audience.  A lady was given the microphone and allowed to ask the first question.  She hemmed and hawed and couldn’t seem to produce a coherent question.  Finally. panelist Shirley Corriher stood up and in a loud voice said “oh, you want to know about asparagus pee”.  It brought the house down.  I thought these staid culinary professionals would be put off by the subject, but boy was I wrong.  Everyone seemed to sit forward in their seat and the subject dominated the entire discussion period.

Though the chemical that causes asparagus pee is now known there is still a great deal of confusion about who actually produces smelly pee after consuming it and who can actually smell it.  It's an either/or option.  The story we got from the IACP conference was that there are two genes involved.  One gene is unique to the producer and a different gene is unique to the fortunate soul who can smell it.

No one knows exactly what percent of people produce it, but it is estimated to be about 10%.  The number who can smell it is estimated to be about 20%.  To me the most interesting question is how did they find each other?  I can think of many scenarios that would make discovery possible, but the mystery continues. 

Which gene do you have?


Promote Your Book With Facebook 

  Many of our authors have requested information about marketing their books using social media.  Today, I will focus on Facebook.  Here are some suggestions for getting started.

Facebook requires a personal account be created first before adding a promotional page so if you aren't already a member, go ahead and sign up. It's free.  The first thing you will need is a Facebook page for your book.  Visit the Facebook Help Center to learn how to create a page to promote products.  We recommend you name the page the same as your book title.

Next, within Facebook, search for the Author Inc. Fan Page and click on the Shop tab at the top of the page.  Locate your book's listing in the Author Inc. Facebook store and link to it with the share button so your Facebook friends can purchase your book as you promote it.

From your newly created book page, invite your friends to visit your page.  Don't forget to share the page with your current customers.  Since they already have a copy of your book,  they are likely to visit and that will connect you to their friends.

We recommend you post new information to the page every day or so.  This could be food related things that would be of interest to people who would like your book.  You can also add a Facebook Like Box to your page to make it easy for people to show their approval and interest in your book.

To drive traffic to the page, you should make a habit of looking for other Facebook pages with complimentary themes.  For example, if you have an Italian themed cookbook, you may want to “Friend” Italian restaurants and other Italian food-related pages.  Over time, this will attract people who like Italian food and help associate your book with a genre of books.

Whether your book is personal or professional, marketing through Facebook is a quick, viable and  inexpensive way to promote your book.