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The Cooks Palate Blog

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Promote Your Book With Facebook 

  Many of our authors have requested information about marketing their books using social media.  Today, I will focus on Facebook.  Here are some suggestions for getting started.

Facebook requires a personal account be created first before adding a promotional page so if you aren't already a member, go ahead and sign up. It's free.  The first thing you will need is a Facebook page for your book.  Visit the Facebook Help Center to learn how to create a page to promote products.  We recommend you name the page the same as your book title.

Next, within Facebook, search for the Author Inc. Fan Page and click on the Shop tab at the top of the page.  Locate your book's listing in the Author Inc. Facebook store and link to it with the share button so your Facebook friends can purchase your book as you promote it.

From your newly created book page, invite your friends to visit your page.  Don't forget to share the page with your current customers.  Since they already have a copy of your book,  they are likely to visit and that will connect you to their friends.

We recommend you post new information to the page every day or so.  This could be food related things that would be of interest to people who would like your book.  You can also add a Facebook Like Box to your page to make it easy for people to show their approval and interest in your book.

To drive traffic to the page, you should make a habit of looking for other Facebook pages with complimentary themes.  For example, if you have an Italian themed cookbook, you may want to “Friend” Italian restaurants and other Italian food-related pages.  Over time, this will attract people who like Italian food and help associate your book with a genre of books.

Whether your book is personal or professional, marketing through Facebook is a quick, viable and  inexpensive way to promote your book.


Author Inc. Launches The Cooks Palate Blog!

Our blog has been created to discuss book publishing with Cooks Palate authors.   You can subscribe to this blog with RSS or email by using the links provided in the right column of this page.  In appreciation, subscibers will receive a 20% discount coupon for our online store - just in time for holiday shopping.

It's hard to believe that this month is the anniversary of the demise of Gourmet Magazine.  Many of you were first introduced to us in Gourmet in 1996 in our iconic "Publish Your Own Cookbook" campaign and we still hear from most of you today.  If you are using an early version of Cooks Palate, you should know that these versions have been retired and won't work with current Windows versions.  Take advantage of our November Gourmet anniversay upgrade offer to upgrade to the current version for $19.99.  Simply go to the Author Inc Store and use coupon code CPUgrade upon checkout.  Also, remember that Publisher software customers get updates free.  Open The Publisher software and select 'Check For Updates' in the Help Menu.

Would it surprise you to know that The Cooks Palate software is used globally in U.S. embassies, on aircraft carriers, in resorts, in restaurants and in at least one prison? We have published cookbooks for families, churches, cooking instructors, restaurant chefs, innkeepers, vineyards, corporations, charter boats and more.  As we post updates we will share stories of these authors with you so you can see how others realized their book publishing dream.

Some of you have published your books with us using The Cooks Palate Publishing System.  Our system takes an author from recipe development in The Cooks Palate software to manuscript design in The Publisher software, and lastly, to professionally printed library-quality books, distributed by Amazon and other retail outlets.  We were early in embracing print-on-demand books and self-publishing on the Internet.  It is an affordable, author-friendly way to get authors in print with high quality books sold in bookstores.  Our model supports publishing books in other categories including novels, tech manuals, business books and more.  We appreciate your word of mouth referrals and will share some of these stories with you in future posts.

The self-publishing process continues to be misunderstood, making it difficult for aspiring authors to compare options.  This is where our fourteen year experience comes into play.  This blog will help demystify the available options.  Towards that effort, did you know you can contact us to schedule a free, personal consultation for your book project? Just call us at 1.888.238.8377.

Future topics may include best practices for book development, selecting a printer (yes, you do have choices), the best way to distribute your book and everything in between.  In our next post, we will introduce you to author Kathryn R. Kelly and her book Sip, Sizzle, Serve.

So subscribe, comment and be heard.  And just for fun, take a look at our featured author recipes for innovative ideas.  We look forward to the dialog.