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Book Review: A New Taste of Galena

A New Taste of Galena - Amazon

Buy The Cookbook: A New Taste of Galena.  Recipes that pass the test of time.

Recipe From the Kitchen of: Fried Green Tomatoes

213 North Main Street. Galena, Illinois 61036


Galena is a town of 3300 in the Northwest corner of Illinois on the Mississippi river adjacent to Iowa and Wisconsin.  In celebration of their 150th anniversary they have written a cookbook using The Cooks Palate Publishing software that celebrates the local cuisine.  The town was once an important hub on the Mississippi, but is now most remembered as the home of General Ulysses S. Grant, and for being one of the ten prettiest towns in America.
Though the book had many contributors, Bible Alive, a teaching and outreach organization of St Matthews Lutheran Church, assembled the book.  Many of the local Restaurants both sponsored the book and contributed recipes.  We have included a Fried Green Tomato recipe in our weekly recipe today.
A New Taste of Galena has over 500 recipes, all submitted by the local cooks and chefs from the town. This is not a trivial cookbook.  It is more along the lines of “A Joy of Cooking” for a small town. The nutrition is included with each recipe and the book includes everything from appetizers, to desserts and even beverages.  The recipe collection is too extensive to go into here, but suffice to say, there is something for everyone.
There is a very interesting section in the back of the book that discusses foods from biblical times.  It tells what foods were prevalent and how some of them have been re-discovered in modern times.  The book, along with its many pictures of historic Galena, provides a fascinating snapshot of small town America.

This is an example of how some communities use The Cooks Palate to develop and promote fundraising cookbooks.  This book is available for sale in our online store and in Amazon

Tell us what you think.  Could your community benefit from a raising funds with a book like this?