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Foodies are taking over television

With the holidays upon us has anyone noticed that us foodies are taking over television?  A few years ago I thought that Food TV would remain the major source for food related programming.  Not anymore.  Now there is even a daytime ABC show competing with the soaps.  The program is called The Chew and it is a mix of talk show and food show.  Celebrity chefs and talk show hosts sit around discussing the important issues of the day and cooking.  I suppose it is supposed to mimic sitting around the kitchen and gossiping with your friends while cooking dinner.  Here is a partial list of channels that are featuring some or all food related programming.

  • On Demand
  • ABC
  • National Geographic
  • Lifetime
  • Lifetime for Real Women
  • Travel
  • BBC
  • Country Music
  • Home and Garden
  • Fox
  • DIY (Do IT Yourself)
  • Food TV
  • Recipe TV

All of these shows are based on cooking or restaurant operations and are delivered as part of a series.  The biggest food star is a bad tempered, foul mouthed Scotsman named Gordon Ramsay.  He seems to be everywhere.  He is even doing mainstream ads that have nothing to do with food.  Ramsay’s “Hell’s Kitchen” is on local Fox in prime time and it usually wins the TV ratings war at 8 pm.

Most of the popular shows are based on competition between cooks or teams of cooks.  This lets the viewer choose a favorite cook and root for him or her.  In most shows, at the end of the show, someone is voted off the Island, whoops, I meant to say someone is eliminated from the competition.  What show(s) do you like to watch?  Have a wonderful Christmas.  I have included a couple of pictures of our decorations since they look so nice this year.