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Holiday Cookbooks Celebrate the Season

Many cooks would like to write a cookbook, but they can’t visualize doing it.  The project seems overwhelming.  In the next few postings we will outline a “how to” process for you.  Today, we will concentrate on getting organized.  I think when you understand the process, most of the barriers to getting started will fall away.

To start, we assume you are using The Cooks Palate software or another recipe database program.  Word processing programs are not recommended for recipe data entry because they are text editors and entered recipes cannot be scaled, calculated for nutrition or intelligently indexed or managed.
To get started, rather than trying to define the whole process, just start entering recipes into the recipe database.  The old writer’s adage “write a page a day and pretty soon you’ll have a book” applies here.  After all, that’s what your cookbook is, a collection of your recipes.  You can worry about chapters, indexing, images, layout etc.  later.  You can enter your recipes without regard to where they will be placed in the book or how many they will serve.  You can estimate that recipe entry will take between 10 and 15 minutes each.  

Once you have entered your recipes, organizing the cookbook is simple.  You just select your first chapter, (appetizers, first course, etc.) and then click on the recipes that you want in that chapter.  The Cook’s Palate then puts them in the chapter and alphabetizes them.  Do that for each chapter and your basic cookbook is done.

In the future postings we will show you how to turn this basic cookbook into a finished manuscript, suitable for printing.  We will show you how to create a manuscript for a spiral bound book, a soft cover book and even a full color, hard cover, dust jacketed, coffee table book.  This are library quality books that can be sold in bookstores, as family cookbooks or for fundraising.