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A Fresh Look at Fermentation

First of all, thank you for all the kind wishes and comments from everyone about the horrific events here in Boston this week.  Boston is a strong community and we are grateful to get back to normalcy.

In looking into fermentation food trends this week, I was amazed to see how common fermentation has become. We all know about sauerkraut, but did you realize how many of our favorite foods are fermented? Besides bread and wine there is salami, cheese, yogurt, fish sauce, coffee, beer and chocolate, among others.  Fermented foods exist in almost every culture and fermentation has been practiced for thousands of years.

Home fermenting has been a hot food trend for a few years.  Health enthusiasts and the DIY and farmers’ market shopping crowd are advocates.  Fermentation broadly describes a natural preservation process that boosts beneficial bacteria, which generate deep, rich flavors. An array of foods and beverages rely on fermentation for their creation. The flavorful taste generated by fermentation doesn't contain many calories, and the probiotics involved can help boost digestive health, experts say.

I am getting up nerve to try my hand.  One of the easiest recipes I found was for pickled jalapeno peppers.  Nourished Kitchen seems to be a great site for fermentation recipes.  If the jalapeno work out I might try making my own hot sauce next.  What is your favorite fermented food and have you tried home fermentation?