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Peer to peer cooking

Just when I think I know what’s going on in the food industry, something new pops up.  Gobble is a marketplace for home-cooked meals from neighborhood chefs.  Chefs prepare meals for one person.  The meals are not prepared days in advance.  You can order up until midnight on the night before the meal is delivered to you, and the meals are not particularly expensive.  The day I looked at the Gobble web site, the meals ranged from $9.95 for Chef Julie’s Kid’s Dutch Apple Pancakes to $21.95 for Chef Alisa’s Chicken Himmaphan Over Rice.  Most of the entrée’s were in the $15.99 range.

Gobble takes pride in working with the best home chefs in every neighborhood. Chefs apply to work with Gobble, and are selected based on their character, cooking knowledge, and of course, talent. Gobble's chefs are moms, dads, sisters, brothers, uncles, grandmothers - you name it. Each chef specializes in one or more cuisines, and each has his or her own style.  Some chefs grew up cooking in a foreign country, and make authentic meals from their native cuisine.

"Our chefs are people in your community who have a passion for cooking and are ready to share their unique meals with the world.”  They deliver anywhere, including home, work or a friend’s house.  Delivery costs $3.95 and it includes a tip.  If you are not home, they will leave it at your door.  They also have a program called 'Gobble Up' which allows unlimited delivery for $18.99 a month.  You can order from any combination of chefs, and they will coordinate delivery, so all of the meals arrive at the same time.  It is unclear to me how delivery would be charged in that scenario.

Today, Gobble is currently available in about 7 towns on the San Francisco Bay peninsula.  Gobble is planning to expand to cover the entire Bay area and beyond.  They are also encouraging customers to vote on cities for their expansion across the country.  What a unique idea.  How long do you think it will take for this concept to expand to a neighborhood near you?