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Dinner at Scampo Restaurant in the Liberty Hotel

Liberty HotelTracy and I had dinner Friday night at the Charles Street Jail in Boston.  The Jail was built in 1851 and housed some of Massachusetts' most notorious criminals for 120 years.  In 1973 the jail was declared unfit for human habitation and was replaced by the Suffolk County Jail.  The building was re-purposed as the luxurious Liberty Hotel.

We had drinks in the lobby bar.  We had Kir royals.  I almost fainted when they charged us $36 for two drinks. (Granted they used Tattinger's Champagne).  The lobby has six floors of cells surrounding an open space where previously, the guards could watch all of the cells from one place.  The “cells” are now the hotel guest rooms.  We didn’t go in, but the “Clink” bar used cells for some of the seating.

We had dinner in the award winning Scampo restaurant owned by renowned chef Lydia Shire.  Unfortunately, we had mixed results with the meal.  I had a chicken liver appetizer that was wonderful, but needed salt.  Tracy had a crab appetizer that was not very good at all.  They also brought us bread sticks that were unceremoniously dumped on the table with an avocado aioli.   The crab tasted frozen.  We both had spaghetti for our main course.  I ordered mine with Pomodoro sauce and it was good.  Tracy had Bolognese sauce on hers and it did not taste Italian at all because they had made the meat sauce with charcuterie instead of ground beef and/or pork.  Quite an unpleasant surprise.

Tracy didn’t want to experiment with dessert, since she had been unlucky all night.  So we left at that point.  If you would like to see what the Charles Street Jail looks like as a fancy hotel, here is a link.